Renovations/Remodels /

The Best Idea Wins

When your client owns an exotic car garage, you know you’re working for someone who appreciates detail. We accommodated his every wish – for precise art lighting, detailed mosaic, crown molding and more. But one of his biggest concerns was the fire station across the street. Our longstanding relationship with the architect enabled us to brainstorm together for the best solution. We suggested installing something called QuietRock – the equivalent of 12 pieces of sheet rock in one. By the time we finished the work, seeing the fire trucks leave the station was like watching a silent movie.

Project Specifications /

  • Architect/Designer: Michael Johnston
  • Size: 3,000 sq. ft.
  • Type: Co-op gut renovation
  • Location: Midtown
  • Finishings: Coffered ceilings, herringbone wood floors, plaster wall panels